It’s wild. Fucking. Wild.

Whether it works out or whether it doesn’t. Whether you end the night with a hand to hold or whether you’ve spent your entire life in a twin-sized bed.

There’s nothing like it. Hand to God. Nothing on the face of this planet is as simultaneously destructive and satisfying as loving someone.

You look at someone, they look at you. And there’s a moment. A solitary moment that is gone in an instant but lingers like a phantom for eternity.

It’s really scary too. You’re completely out of control, and who doesn’t fucking hate that, despite best efforts to deny it. You give your heart to someone, entirely unaware of what they’ll do with it. They could destroy it. You give your heart away and you allow someone to destroy you.

The impossible mountain of “what if” is never higher or more terrifying or less conquerable than when you’re in love.

But isn’t that just how it is? It’s ungovernable, completely.

So don’t try to control it, for God’s sake, let it be. Give up the notion that you ever had any say in it to begin with.

Just release the brakes and fall.