'Of the Sea & the Sky' is a handmade book containing about nine original poems by myself and several illustrations by Kyle Parker.

Because the book is handmade, no two books will be the same.

They will all be sent out with a custom ‘thank you’ lovenote from yours truly.

This is the first step in what’s sure to be a magical and truly astounding journey for me and my writing. Any contribution is appreciated beyond belief. Even if I don’t make the goal. Your support and faith in me means more to me than I could possibly describe.

Thank you so much.



ps. please, please, please reblog this. Tell your friends. Tell your family. Tell anyone you think will care. Even if you can’t contribute, perhaps someone you know can.
I’m probably going to be promoting this a lot within the next 30 days. So brace yourselves.
Otherwise, thank you so much for your support. <3 

pps. many thanks to Brandon for making the banner <3333