Things that were beautiful today (July 18th)

  • I looked at the date for the first time in a long time and let the clock take me in. July is falling like the rain that I haven’t seen in months, lighting logs from both ends and watching as the moon catches fire. I decided to let go of time for a while, let it steer it’s own wheels with two feet on the pedals. It has been a good 18 days, sweet on the top and spicy underneath. 
  • The ocean in the middle of the night — so dark that I couldn’t see the waves as they moved me up and down. I held my uncle’s hand and watched my aunt smile, and felt everything I ever needed. There is nothing as sweet as family. Tonight is one of the last nights.
  • Looking around me, the surroundings looked like a dome. The stars were bigger than I had ever seen back home, but I remembered this was home and maybe it was because I belong here. I wish I could stay, but I know I must go. 

I’m wildly in love with this idea.