I’m not pleased but I am hungry and tired

This is the edited version because those damn ending chords are so bad


THANK YOU!!! ahhh I composed it, but it’s just MIDI haha.

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fire on earth: here

fire above earth: here

on hitRECord.


Nothing Personal

"A quick & easy way to deal with friendships/relationships/people who you feel have burdened your life."

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Along the shoreline

eyes open, open

to the expanse,

the wonder.

(when I dream, it feels like this)

With hesitant feet,

and anxious eyes,

tangled and restless

and the stars,

the stars.

(I believe it feels like this)

My wandering heart,

your fears of everything,

your dream-catcher soul,

your steadfast spirit,

your light in the darkness.

I’m somewhat lost.

But here you are.

(when I love, this is it)

And The Stars, cassandra litten, 31 july 2011



it took so long?? I wanted to finish it the day after the collab was posted, but here we are

then again I got some inspiration tonight bleh

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this is a v well done score, everyone listen to it!


"Epochonus Groove", a challenge from skriks

"I would like to challenge you to pick one of your 5 earliest audio records on the site, try to listen to it as if it wasn’t yours, take your camera and take a photo (or a set of 3 photos) that will be inspired by the experience <3

I chose one of my earliest “song” records, and this has always been one of my favourites! I imagined Epochonus Groove as very film noir, very sexy, very dangerous. There’s something suffocating and intense about the imagery in the song, so that is what I tried to recreate in the photos:

Passion, Seduction, Danger



in splendor (une valentine)

A paper cut-out stopmotion for Phen’s in splendor (une valentine)It would be really great if someone did a reading of the original text to put over this! Also, of course, feel free to remix & add cool stuff to this, because it’s pretty basic at the moment.

I will never not be amazed at the level of talent this girl has for creating magical pieces like this.

this is my favorite thing. bless you, natcha. you are made of more magic than i could ever imagine. xxxx

I wrote a thing & it’s the first narrative I’ve written in a long time & it’s still making me nervous because I like it BUT I would truly love to hear some thoughts - AND I very much welcome any remixes/edits/etc.


storytellers {tiny story}

maybe i could learn your stories if we kissed.

maybe you could share your life


one touch at a time. 


Click the pic to watch my latest animation of the fantastic story, “Skip & the Turtle” by the wonderful MadisenMusic & his niece Gabrielle! <3

<3 <3 <3

Lena made this beautiful image after something Kyle once said, and I can’t help but fall madly in love with it.


so excited to begin this journey. i hope it’ll take me all kinds of unexpected places. <3

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